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Virtual Insanity

Hi sweeties, Even though the weather outside isn't so nice, I'm back with a bright outfit, one that I'm sure you'll absolutely love !  It's been awhile since I've worn my Mickey cap, but I thought it would be nice to add a playful touch to the whole look. The pleated skirt will remain a great statement for the season and of course, one of my fave sweaters ever, the tied-up sleeve brings to the outfit a chic move.

What I wore: - RoseGal sweater - Asos skrit - Zara boots - Whiting & Davis purse ( find a similar Mickey caphere

Really hope today's outfit has inspired you and I'll await you tomorrow with yet another OOTD post :)
Kisses, R.

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Unicorn on the loose

Hello ladies & gents, Hope you had a beautiful weekend ! Tomorrow we are starting a brand new week and I'm super excited to see what it brings. Because yesterday I had a more elegant outfit, today I'm going another direction: 100% street style with the whole cool swag and everything. I'm mixing a lovely hooded sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and my awesome boots from Sacha Shoes.

What I wore: - DressLily sweatshirt  - W.E. jacket - Studio 33 bag - Sacha Shoes boots - Stradivarius jeans

So, how do you find this fine outfit ? Hope it would be something you'd wear ! It's quite easy to put everything together :)
Be sure to come back tomorrow for yet another awesome OOTD post ! 
Kisses, R.

Papa don't preach

Hello sweeties, A new day has started and outside it's raining cats and dogs... I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling quite under the weather, like I don't have much luck you know... do you have periods like these? I want to do more sport so I can fill myself with good energy. Meanwhile, I can share with you a brand new outfit post that I actually wanted to post tomorrow and be the perfect Sunday look, but I guess we can call it a perfect Saturday look now.

What I wore: - Closet London dress from the Macaroon collection - Zara clutch - RoseGal faux fur cape  - Kate Spade New York shoes - Sterkowski beret

So, how do you find this awesome look? The dress is simply to-die-for ! Perfect for Spring if you ask me... Hope you'll like it :)
Kisses, R.

Cold Water

Hi guys, I'm up early today and have a long day in the making :).  Of course that I'm also back with a brand new outfit post as well ! Very excited to see what you'll think about it and on that note, I would love to thank you all for the appreciation of yesterday's OOTD that apparently, it was a hit.  I always like to bring something new "to the table", but in the same time mixing with simple stuff as well. I think it's important to realize that you don't have to be in high heels every day and that we have to find our own style and balance in what we wear. Anyway, hope you enjoy the look for today and I'll try my best to update the blog on a daily basis.

What I wore: - Zaful sweater - Zara pants - Gatta tights underneath  - Tom Ford for Gucci shoes - Vasic Collection furry clutch  - Lightinthebox black coat - Sterkowski hat

Hope you like this mix and cannot wait to be back with more :)
Kisses, R.

Winter fairy

Hello sweeties, Today I'm gonna mark another chapter in my life and be finally done with everything regarding my Dutch exams, thus completing level 2. I think I will also go for level 3, but in Fall because now I want to focus more on me and try to live a healthier life, which, btw, takes a lot of time and energy. Can you imagine that, not long ago, we used to have better lives? I mean I remember when I was little and was growing up at my grandparents' house that the air was fresh, there wasn't any Internet and the quality of life was so much better. We stay so long in front of our screens now, it's just not healthy ! So what I want to do this year is start having a schedule for "screen" time. I prefer going outside and doing more activities or just spending more time with my loved ones. 💕 Of course that, the blog will def continue and I will try my best to bring you the daily dose of fashion :) As for today, I went a little crazy with styling and have a re…

Pieces of my broken heart

Hello - hello, everyone!  It's already the middle of the week and I have just one more exam to go. Tomorrow I'll be officially done with everything and will have more time to concentrate on my blog, on doing more awesome outfits, etc. Not that I'm not doing great outfits now, but I usually am more prepared during the week. I see the weather will not be as kind, so I'm very sad to be stressed out when doing pics.

What I wore: - Lightinthebox two tone faux fur coat - Zara dress - Mango basic blouse - Moschino DIY belt - Versace for H&M bag - Zara ankle boots - Stekowski cap  - Gambettes Box tights
So how do you like the look, sweeties? Would it be something you'd wear?
Kisses, R.