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Sunday R&R

Hi, guys! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. I simply adore Spring. It really brings me the thrill of a new year, a new begging, so even though the New Year doesn't start in March, this is the time when I feel the urge to start something new, maybe to change something. This time I guess I started with my hair, a new haircut, a new hair color. This Sunday I spent my afternoon admiring the beautiful bloomed trees, so my outfit is somehow simple for today, nevertheless, its main piece is my fake two piece top from FrontRowShop.

What I wore: - Front Row Shop fake two piece top ( find it here) -H&M wedges - Zara clutch - Wholesale Celeshades sunnies ( find them here)
This asymmetric fake two piece top is really something, don't you agree? Besides its cool design, the fabric is also very nice and can be worn in so many ways. That being said, I'm going to bed before my eyes fall on the keyboard. :) Have a great night and lots of courage for the new coming week ^^ Kisses, R.

Sporty Look

Hi, guys! I hope you had a wonderful day. The sun was up and shining here in Brussels and after a day of work and a night of going out with my best friend, what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than taking a little walk in the park? To dress according to the "event", I've chosen to take for a spin my dress with four sleeves from the FrontRowShop, with its interesting and unique design that I absolutely adore. I forgot to tell you guys that I got a new haircut and a new hair color. Yes, after four years, I've finally decided to dye my hair :). I guess I just wanted a look change these photos you can't tell that much, but surely in my future posts you'll be able to see the difference.

What I wore: - Zara sneakers - FrontRowShop four sleeves dress ( find it here) - H&M purse - Six hat
So, I can only say that this outfit is so comfy and cool, just perfect after a night spend on heels :). That being said, I wish you all a wonderful Friday night ! Kisses, R.

High for This

Hello, loves! Seing that the weekend is right around the corner, I wanted to bring today to the "stage" what I see as a hot outfit for going out in the club or any other night walk :). For this combo, I've chosen my loose black pants from Romwe, a simple bra underneath of my jacket, and as accessories, this lovely golden necklace from My Jewellery and stunning earrings from Choies

What I wore: - Romwe pants ( find them here) - Zara heels and clutch - Reserved jacket - My Jewellery necklace ( find it here) - Choies earrings ( find them here)
I have to add that this look was inspired by a wonderful song I absolutely love from The Weeknd (I'm adding it below), if you know the band. I adore most of their songs. Saying that, I wish you a wonderful evening and have fun if you're going out :) Kisses, R.


Hello, sweeties! I'm happy that I've finally got a few moments of my own, even though I had a very busy day. That way I can share with you the outfit I wore this afternoon. I know it may not be the most "good girl" outfit, but I had my Mr.GUGU& Miss GO t-shirt with a subliminal message that casted away all evil thoughts or for that matter, evil eyes staring at me. I do admit that sometimes I like dressing sexy, even though it's the middle of the day. :)

What I wore: - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO t-shirt ( find it here) - Bershka shorts  - Zara heels - Bershka satchel - Zara jacket - Wholesale Celebshades sunglasses ( find them here)

So, hopefully you still like this daring outfit. Can't wait to read all your comments (bad or good), and if you're a new visitor know that you're welcome everyday :) Kisses, R.

Flamingos gone wild

Hi, loves! I must apologize for the short absence these last few days, but besides the cloudy/rainy weather I accidentally erased the photos of yesterday's look, so you can imagine what predicament I had. When a day starts bad, it always ends bad. Luckily I found my strength to carry on and here I am today with new hope and a new outfit. To "cheer" up the situation, I've added to the mix my lovely flamingo sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO, as well as my cool round sunglasses from Wholesale Celebshades. Having that much print on me, as accessory I've chosen a simple bracelet from My Jewellery .

What I wore:
- Miss Bombom pants
- Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt ( find it here)
- Zara jacket
- Wholesale Celebshades sunglasses ( find them here)
-My Jewellery bracelet 
- Zara heels
Hope you like this outfit and seing the hour, I wish you all a wonderful night!Kisses,R.

Like my good friend Riri would say...

Hello, sweeties! Another day passed brings us closer to the weekend. Still having my best friend over, we decided to start this last weekend earlier, so as we speak, I'm thinking what to wear to the club for tonight. I couldn't have chosen something better for today's look, as recent events really got to me. I was really fed up today and what better way to express it than with an "angry" outfit, featuring my Rihanna print sweatshirt and fun necklace from Choies. So, love, please...

What I wore: - Jennyfer dungarees  - Choies sweatshirt ( find it here) - Choies necklace ( find it here) - Sophia Webster heels - Wholesale Celebshades sunnies ( find them here)
So, this is the outfit for today. I hope you like it as much as I do and I just can't wait to read all your comments. Thank you for visiting my blog! Kisses, R.