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No Mediocre

Hi, guys! I must say that today I felt 100% beck in Belgium, when I entered in Leonidas and bought my favorite chocolate truffles that I absolutely adore and missed so much this past month. I'm a big fan of chocolate and I confess that I never restrain myself from eating. :) Well, back to our delightful fashion talk, I wanted to show-off a little in this awesome outfit I managed to put together with some of my old closet musties (must-haves), along with my perfect Neuville Luna bag that is the perfect cross-body accessory you need to keep your stuff safe and comfy. Of course, my stylish outfit couldn't be complete without my Iphone being stylish as well, so that's why I choose Laurel London to "dress" up my tech accessory, with a cute 3D case. :) Here's a perfect song for a perfect outfit:

What I wore: - Zara pants, shoes and scarf - Bershka corset - Neuville Luna bag ( find it here) - H&M sunnies - Laurel London iPhone case ( find it here)
Oh, and I forget to tell…


Hi, guys! I have almost a week since my return and the days had passed like crazy. Time sure flies, right? And I bet that most of you lovely ladies are thinking about doing the big step and marry, like most of my acquaintances. But I know for a fact that searching for a dress to attend the wedding is so hard and it really drains all your energy. Recently I've stumbled upon a new lovely site, called Dresswe. Now Dresswe has a cheap special occasion dresses promotion , so you can definitely find something you like. Here are some personal preferences from that area. Now these evening dresses are superb and I just can't get my eye off them:

Another dresses area that Dresswe covers so very well is bridesmaid dresses. Some of my favorite dresses from the designs of 2014 bridesmaid of Dresswe online promotion are the following:

I really hope you'll find what you're looking for at Dresswe and that you'll have fun at your event. Don't forget to come back later to my blog wh…

Pinned down

Hello, my loves! Oh, thank God we are not having again a rainy day so I can go out and just run my errands, and of course, shoot today's look. As you know, the "straight jacket" look is one of this season's trends. Now, I don't really think fashion is going into the right direction right now cause honestly, comparing this year's trends with last years', I can really see a big wide gap. But, we have to adapt and see what fits us good. At least I can find a "cozy" utility to this sophisticated look that keeps our arms pinned down to our bodies. :) Of course, I adapted the trend to what I have in my closet, mainly a collar knitted scarf that I used around my arms to give it that feminine chic look. In another order of business, I wanted to keep it simple in the accessories area and I didn't even had a bag or a purse, the only thing in my hand being my Iphone (which I always carry with me), "dressed" in my beautiful case from Laurel Lo…


Hello, loves! The rain finally stopped after 2 days of what had appeared to be a "rain bucket challenge", the sun was up all day today and even now the weather is still ok. I say ok cause you can sense the autumn in the air. The good news is that I've managed to shoot some pics of my outfit today and in between my afternoon pause of running errands, I was glad to turn all eyes on my superb bandage dress from BPDRESSwho is definitely a must-have if you are a stylish lady who just loves drawing attention. :) Last, but not least, I think this song is perfect for today's mood, what do you think?

What I wore: - BPDRESS bandage dress ( find it here) - Pimkie shoes - Sfera clutch

Well, that's about it. My outfit of the day, my look to show. Hope you like it and don't forget to leave a comment with your opinion. :) Kisses, R.

Le two-piece

Hi, guys! From what I've heard, the weather in Brussels was so rainy, but seems like I took the sun from Romania and brought it with me back home. Although it's a bit chilly outside, we had a beautiful day. To "celebrate" my arrival, I wanted to dress a bit more classy, yet chic, so I'm officially "closing" the summer in Brussels as well with this here lovely look, a two-piece dress and a black gemstone net collar necklace, both from She Inside. I still have a million things to do, so I'll leave the photos speak for themselves. :)

What I wore: - SheInside white shirt sleeve floral striped top and skirt ( find the set here) - Zara shoes - New Look envelope bag - SheInside gemstone net collar necklace ( find it here)

So, what do you think? Just leave your comment with your honest opinion :). Have a beautiful Sunday!
Kisses, R.

Black rose

Hi, guys! Yes, I am super ashamed that it's been like forever since I've last updated the blog, but seeing that this time my little vacation here in Romania was actually little, I didn't had much time to offer to my blog. But not to worry, tomorrow I'm departing for Brussels and next week everything will be just like before. :) These are the last weeks of August and of this sunny summer and well, I know that grumpy rainy Brussels awaits me so I wanted to do my last look for this summer. Like literally. I had for quite awhile this beautiful dress from River Island that I wanted to wear and today was the day! It kinda reminds me of prints from Dolce& Gabbana, so I wore it such.

What I wore: - River Island dress - Vintage purse - Forever 21 necklace
How do you like this outfit? Can't wait to read all your comments, guys ! Now I must pack my bags and see some friends from high school. :) Kisses, R.


Hello, loves! Sorry for the big gaps between posts. I know you are all used to my daily (or almost daily) posts, but I must let you know that here is extremely hot outside and today was no exception. So shooting my looks for the blog is quite challenging. I can say that you don't have even the urge to wear heels.That's why today's look is gonna be simple and I do hope you like my slippers from Zara that I've bought during the sales. :) And in case you've missed my inspirational music here is one for this outfit:

What I wore: - Zara well...everything :)

Yeah, I know, I'm not a big fan of bras... especially in the summer when you should wear loose clothes and be as comfortable as you can be. Oh and don't forget to follow me on Instagram, guys! Kisses, R.